Bagaimana kata orang-orang tentang DNetwork

Two Deaf Staff and We are very Pleased

"We are hiring two deaf people , Ayu and Sumedana. Ayu has been working diligently and easily mingled with other employees. She is assigned in our employee canteen to serve foods and do other canteen-related job (clean up, collecting foods from kitchen to canteen). She shows enthusiasm at work and is always well groomed. In summary, we are all very satisfied with Ayu’s performance. Sumedana is assigned in our Laundry area. Similarly, we had great feedback from our users. Sumedana is a very energetic hardworker. The team is very pleased with his performance. Thank you for your assisting to connect us!".


Cathy Seron


More Than Expected!

"The role of DNetwork is essential as the organization who gives big opportunities for all people who has different abilities. As part of our core value as an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott, we believe that by opening opportunity will empower people both individual and as well as community. In addressing to that we get hand in hand, work together with DNetwork to open the chance for those who are interested to work in our property. We met two both talented and diligent trainees, named Ella and Dana who work in House Keeping Department as laundry attendants. Ella and Dana show and prove us that they are truly fast learners; great team players, and easily to adapt with the surroundings. We do hope that they still can contribute and keep continuing the knowledge and experience they had at our property; as we believe that they are positive, responsible and have big passion to work.".



Terimakasih DNetwork

Terimakasih karena sudah membantu orang dengan disabilitas dalam mencari pekerjaan. Sudah 1 bulan saya kerja sebagai engineering di Hotel Alila Seminyak bagian stockeeper (dalam furniture), saya senang bekerja di alila. terimakasih. Salam, Yudi




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Manager SDM

Karyawan dari Dnetwork sangat mengesankan

Pekerja yang kami dapatkan darii DNetwork sangat cepat, rapi dan disiplin.


Komisaris Utama

Mengesankan!! PT. Telkom Indonesia sangat peduli terhadap karyawan dan mengutamakan ke agamisannya terhadap agama, sesama karyawan saling menghormati dan sangat ramah, always be have fun.

Telkom Indonesia

Manager Ekonomi