Success Story

Let's check out the #CeritaKerja Andi Nadaa Nafisaa, a deaf person at PT Permodalan Nasional Madani DKI Jakarta Branch

Andi Nadaa Nafisaa, a friend of Deaf who currently works at PT PNM DKI Jakarta Branch as a Remedial Admin in charge of monitoring customer maturity, Nafisaa makes reports from units and collects customer documents.

As a friend of Deaf who has completed education up to D1, Nafisaa has no difficulties at work because she is used to using written/written language when taking lessons during lectures and usually interacting with listening friends.

Nafisaa really enjoys her work, for her obstacles and difficulties in working can be resolved if communicated. Communication that is often done by him is through writing, either via chat or paper, so that his co-workers are used to interacting with Nafisaa who has a hearing impairment.

We hope that in the future more friends with disabilities can work in companies like Nafisaa so that employers can understand that friends with disabilities can work.

#CeritaKerja #DisabilitasBisa