DNetwork is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. DNetwork aims to help develop opportunities in the world of work and to offer solutions to the community of people with disabilities. We also support the company's efforts to create an inclusive workforce that includes people with disabilities.

Through our experience in the fields of employment and disability, the following services we can provide to job seekers with disabilities and employers:


To Job Seekers with Disabilities:

  1.  Job information that can be accessed at www.dnetwork.net.
  2.  Skills training and professionalism to increase the capacity and skills of job seekers in the world of work.
  3.  Personal and career development consulting in accordance with the abilities and personal Job Seekers.


To the Company:

  1.  Information on the disability and employment sector and its development in Indonesia.
  2.  Consultation on working with persons with disabilities is part of the company's preparation for working with persons with disabilities.
  3.  Discussion and assistance in the recruitment process based on company requests and the availability of the DNetwork Team

"Job opportunities help me get a better life. I am more grateful about myself because through my work, I can also help and serve others to get a better life."

Ni Made Suci - Physiotherapist Assistant at Yayasan Peduli Kemanusiaan

Phone: (0361) 464537

Mobile: +6281 558 775 554
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