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Photo caption: Screenshot from one of the Aku Mampu Berbisnis webinar series.


Continuing the success of “Aku Mampu Berbisnis” last year, DNetwork held the same program in 2021. The enthusiasm of persons with disabilities in Indonesia to participate in this program is increasing. More than 100 people from all over Indonesia registered to take part in a series of programs that have been running since last June.

There were a few things that we did differently this time. First, the material given to the participants is no longer about the basics and motivation of entrepreneurship. Since most participants already run their businesses in the development stage, DNetwork decided to provide materials that were more appropriate and focused on business digitization. Thanks to the collaboration with TokoTalk, an Indonesian startup that focuses on providing e-commerce sites, participants get the right knowledge and delivered by experts in their fields, such as online store management, SEO, digital marketing, and social media management.

After the Aku Mampu Berbisnis webinar series was over, by mid-July all participants were judged by the level of seriousness in running their businesses and the potential for business development. Four participants were selected to receive capital funds of IDR 2,000,000 each plus mentoring facilities from the Pratisara Bumi Foundation, and five received only mentoring facilities from LatihID. Seeing the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial potential of persons with disabilities in Indonesia, DNetwork hopes that this program will be sustainable and can create a wider positive impact.

One of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the changing in the world of work; from the reduction of employees in many business lines due to the company's economic downturn, to the shifting of many aspects of the company to digital format. Even when the business world has gradually moved towards the "new normal", these changes have brought the world of work to deeper problems, especially for job seekers with disabilities; an explosion in the number of job seekers which makes the job market competition very tight and the increasing demands for mastery of digital skills that so far have not been taught in special needs schools (SLB) or independent courses.

Responding to this challenge, DNetwork comes up with a new program entitled Aku Mampu (means “I am capable”), which is supported by the Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Seeds for the Future. Aku Mampu aims to help job seekers with disabilities develop their skills and knowledge to align with current career opportunities. Through this program, DNetwork equips job seekers with disabilities with job preparation modules that are available in various formats (text, audio, and Indonesian Sign Language video) and are free to download. There will also be a series of online classes which aim to thoroughly elaborate all the material in the module. Modules cover many things, from exploring one’s interests and talents, tips and tricks on making a good CV and handling job interviews, to A-Z about freelancing and entrepreneurship. Aku Mampu is to run from August to December.


Do you know? One of the things that makes it difficult for someone to find a job is because the skills a person possesses do not match those needed by the world of work. Likewise for those who have a business, one of the things that makes a business is because of the lack of suitable skills needed to raise a business. So, to help friends build their careers and businesses more smoothly, DNetwork created a new program called "Aku Mampu"