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Two Deaf Staff and We are very Pleased
We are hiring two deaf people , Ayu and Sumedana. Ayu has been working diligently and easily mingled with other employees. She is assigned in our employee canteen to serve foods and do other canteen-related job (clean up, collecting foods from kitchen to canteen). She shows enthusiasm at work and is always well groomed. In summary, we are all very satisfied with Ayu’s performance. Sumedana is assigned in our Laundry area. Similarly, we had great feedback from our users. Sumedana is a very energetic hardworker. The team is very pleased with his performance. Thank you for your assisting to connect us!
Suryaningrat Wirawanto - Learning & Development Manager
More Than Expected!
The role of DNetwork is essential as the organization who gives big opportunities for all people who has different abilities. As part of our core value as an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott, we believe that by opening opportunity will empower people both individual and as well as community. In addressing to that we get hand in hand, work together with DNetwork to open the chance for those who are interested to work in our property. We met two both talented and diligent trainees, named Ella and Dana who work in House Keeping Department as laundry attendants. Ella and Dana show and prove us that they are truly fast learners; great team players, and easily to adapt with the surroundings. We do hope that they still can contribute and keep continuing the knowledge and experience they had at our property; as we believe that they are positive, responsible and have big passion to work.
Mutia Herawati | Training Manager | The Stones - Legian, Bali
Proud with our two employees
Sampai saat ini Golden Tulip Management sangat bangga dan senang atas kinerja dari 2 staff yang kami rekrut di DNetwork. Terima kasih atas bantuan dan kerjasama yang baik selama ini.
Leny Savitri- HRM Golden Tulip Jineng Resort
Synergy Grand Inna Kuta and Dnetwork
Grand Inna Kuta has worked with Ibu Suri from Dnetwork for over a year and would like to praise her for all the assistance she provided to introduce hearing impaired candidates within our hotel workforce. Her personal input with the recent sign language training was an enormous success which has widened the paradigms of the team at Grand Inna Kuta. We hope to continue our relationship with Dnetwork and Ibu Suri for many years to come.
Peter Stolk - General Manager
Terimakasih DNetwork
Terimakasih karena sudah membantu orang dengan disabilitas dalam mencari pekerjaan. Sudah 1 bulan saya kerja sebagai engineering di Hotel Alila Seminyak bagian stockeeper (dalam furniture), saya senang bekerja di alila. terimakasih. Salam, Yudi
Yudi Kurniawan
5 star
Akhirnya saya diterima bekerja di golden tulip jineng rosort bali sebagai house keeping, terimaksih banyak DNetwork atas bntuannya, semoga kedepannya lagi dnetwork terus membawa para disabilitax untuk bisa bekerja di dunia industri. Thank you so much DNetwork.
I Komang Purwadita
Akhirnya saya diterima di golden tulip jineng resort
Saya sangat berterima kasih kepada DNETWORK karena membantu saya mencarikan lowongan kerja yang sesuai skill yang saya miliki. Sekali lagi,saya sangat berterima kasih pada DNETWORK. Semoga DNETWORK sukses membantu kaum penyandang disabilitas dalam dunia kerja... thank you very much for DNETWORK. God Bless DNETWORK....
Dhani dharmesta
We see the ability!
DNetwork was first time introduced to us by BHA Human Resources Association (HRA). We saw this offer as a good opportunity to also extend our company’s culture of providing equal employment opportunity to different abilities (diffable) individual. With the help of DNetwork, we have been introduced to Komang Adi who is now working with us in the Stewarding the department. We found Adi as a humble person, very diligent and focus in his job and able to adapt easily with the environment and colleagues in his department and in the hotel. We did not seen Adi as a diffable person as he is doing very well in his job and also in building relationship with others
GD Harimbawo Sukarman
We are very proud of the presence of D-Network as an innovative institution to assist persons with disabilities in Bali. They have made an amazing service for people with disability to pursue its own future and economic independency. The provision of full information about job vacancies in many companies for people with different abilities, is a bridge to assist their rights as human beings to achieve their future. Physical limitations of a disabled people has not become an obstacle for them to work like other normal people. This has been proven by one of our colleagues in Bali Humanity Care Foundation as Assistant Physiotherapists. Congratulation for your great humanity services you have done.
Purnawan Budisetia
Opportunity to Open Equality on Valuing Ability
I approached DNetwork because the company I work for now has a high commitment in their CSR, and I really want to support any social efforts to build equality among people with lack of access on any standard needs. DNetwork helped me by providing such information access I need to get applicants from people community, who has special need. The result was very satisfying. I got one who despite of his limitation of hearing, he can mingle with co-workers pretty well, besides he is good in doing his job. He is miracle! By recruiting him, it opens up a new dimension among other employees, too. Now, most employees are not just able to speak in verbal language, but also sign language! And keep improving all days! One thing I liked was DNetwork attention and support to us when we were asking for employee socialization, to orientate employees before start working with people with special need. I found the experience was smooth and professional. Keep your good, professional work, DNetwork! I would recommend DNetwork to people who need special people!
Nita Shintasari
Terkesan dan Sangat Terbantu
Sebagai pengguna layanan DNetwork, kami, Wikimedia Indonesia, sangat terbantu untuk mencari pelamar yang berminat dari rekan-rekan disabilitas. Kami juga sangat terkesan dengan tim penyedia layanan ini yang mau memberikan kemudahan bagi mereka yang membutuhkan pekerjaan. Kami berharap tim DNetwork dapat selalu hadir di tengah-tengah penyedia dan pencari pekerjaan di Indonesia. :)
Rachmat Wahidi- Wikimedia Indonesia
terima kasih atas referensinya
Sejauh ini sdr. Yudis memiliki semangat kerja yang baik dan orangnya sabar serta mudah beradaptasi dengan konsumen. Sdr. Yudis juga memiliki kemampuan sama seperti manusia normal lainnya. Pelanggan kami juga sangat menghargai pelayanan yang diberikan oleh Sdr. Yudis. terima kasih atas referensinya mba Suri. sukses untuk DNetwork
Saya diterima kerja di wikimedia indonesia
Terima kasih banyak untuk DNetwork telah membantu saya mempermudah mencari lowongan pekerjaan ini melalui online. Semoga tuhan memberkatimu dan tim DNetwork selalu.
M. Andika Panji deaf
Oase bagi teman-teman disabilitas
Dnetwork ini macam oase di tengah gurun bagi teman-teman disabilitas. Semoga semakin banyak membantu teman-teman yang memerlukan pekerjaan sesuai skillnya!:-)
Nila Krisnawati
Sangat Membantu!
Terima kasih banyak atas bantuannya..saya sangat senang dengan bantuan ini. Saya merekrut satu orang tunarungu untuk graphic designer dan dia sangat bagus! Disabilitas memang bukan penghalang dan alasan untuk tidak memberikan kesempatan kerja kepada mereka!
Arnantyo (Nasery International Education Cosultant)
DNetwork makes the process easy!
DNetwork is a fantastic project which not only helps job seekers with disabilities but also helps employers who are looking for qualified staff. DNetwork makes the process easy! Ayu is smart; she has a great memory, learns quickly and is very diligent. She socializes easily and fits in well with our team, and also provides great treatments for our customers. She's a valuable member of our team. Keep up the great work DNetwork, and we wish you every success!"
Jenny Truran
Thanks dnetwork dan kak suri
Makasih kak suri sudah bantu saya cari kerja kemaren. Berkat kak suri dan DNetwork saya bisa kerja diperusahaan desain di Bali. Thanks dnetwork dan kak suri :D
Satria Bima
Saya bisa dan saya bangga! Terimakasih banyak bantuannya!
Sekarang, saya bisa meraih cita-cita saya bekerja di sektor formal sebagai staff Admin di Bali Sport Foundation. Saya belajar banyak hal tidak hanya di bidang administrasi tetapi juga dalam hal berbicara dengan orang lain dan bagaimana menghandle complain orang lain. Saya lebih mandiri. Bisa mengendarai kendaraan sendiri ke wilayah yang lebih jauh dan melakukan segala aktifitas sendiri. Saya bisa melakukan hal-al yang tidak pernah saya bayangkan saya bisa lakukan sebelumnya. Saya bersosialisasi dengan banyak orang. Saya bangga pada diri saya! Terimakasih DNetwork sudah membantu saya memperoleh pekerjaan ini! Have a great success!! :)
Dengan hadirnya Dnetwork, para difabel sangat terbantu untuk bisa berkarir dalam dunia usaha yang mandiri. Long Live For DNetworK
Subandi H. Bonmat
DNetwork, Bukan Web Biasa!! Pertama dan Satu-Satunya!!
Pertama kali melihat DNetwok, saya merasa luar biasa!! ternyata ada jaringan kerja untuk para disabilitas. Dan saya bisa bilang, INI PERTAMA dan SATU-SATUNYA DI INDONESIA. Semoga DNetwork bisa menjadi jaringan kerja terbesar untuk para disabilitas. Dan semoga semakin banyak lowongan yang diposting disini. SEMANGAT ^_^
Lina Daniswara
Proud to Support DNetwork
In the Inspirasia Foundation's 11 years of experience working with the disabilities community in Indonesia, we have seen so many incredibly able, inspiring young people with a hearing aid, or using a prosthetic leg or wheelchair with the skills and determination to make a contribution in the workplace and improve their own lives. The main thing standing between these people and a full and complete life is access to jobs and employers that are open to hiring them. We are very glad DNetwork exists for this purpose and are proud to support it. Joseph De Wolk Director, Inspirasia Foundation
Joseph De Wolk
Terimakasih dan Senang
saya tuna rungu. saya dapat ucapan senang kerja pembuat roti. terimakasih DNetwork ya :-)
Wayan Sugiantara